Dog Training classes are held every Wednesday evening at Widford Village Hall, 58 Widford Road, Chelmsford CM2 8SY. There is normally ample parking in the area.

Classes start at 6.00pm and continue through the evening until around IMG_125310pm. Class sizes can vary between 5 to 10 dogs, depending on class type and popularity.

Members are encouraged to bring your pet’s favourite toy when they attend classes. Food rewards are used: cheese, sausages – and we find all dogs love liver cake! After each exercise you will use the toy or food to praise your dog, encouraging your dog to want to work with you.

Training classes are open to all dogs, of any ability, young or old, pedigree or crossbreed, whether Kennel Club registered or not. The Club particularly welcomes rescue dogs. Choke chains are not allowed on any dog.

The club is run entirely by volunteers and therefore we are able to keep costs low. There is currently a one-off yearly charge of £10 to cover Membership Insurance. After that, each weekly class costs £2.50 – which is collected before the class starts.

 If you would like to join one of our classes or would like to know more
please Contact Us.