Chairman – Thelma
Thema AlexanderThelma is Chairman of Great Baddow Dog Training Club, having joined the Club in 1973, over 40 years ago. From a very early stage, Thelma discovered that she enjoyed the ‘Obedience’ area of dog training most of all, a fact which was quickly recognised by founder member of the Club, Frank Harris, who was also an Obedience Judge. As a consequence, Frank worked closely with her, passing on much of his knowledge to her over the years. He also encouraged her to act as Steward for him, when judging at numerous dog shows and competing events, where she was able to gain considerable experience, witnessing close at hand obedience dog-handling at all levels.

Since those early days, Thelma has continued to Steward at Shows all over the country. Thelma frequently attends courses and events to learn different training methods and to hone her own skills, which she is then able to pass on to the other trainers and use at the Club. Thelma currently has 5 dogs of her own, her favourite breed being a Border Collie and continues to enter her dogs into competitions, winning many cups and rosettes.

Vice Chairman – Diane Hardy

Diane1Diane had grown up with dogs as part of the family. Her first 6 week old puppy was purchased in 1983 and was a beautiful German Shepherd Dog called Tess. Since then she has always had at least one GSD and sometimes 3 together. Tess was quite challenging as a young dog and that was why, when she was 6 months old, Diane decided to start obedience training with her. She joined the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs at Upminster. Tess quickly improved and Diane was “hooked” on this obedience thing! Within a few years she started to take classes at BAGSD to pass on what she had learnt to others. She went on a training course to become a fully qualified BAGSD Instructor, which involved taking a practical exam at the end of the course.

34 years after training her first puppy, Diane is now on the Training Team at Great Baddow. She says that “although I have learnt a lot about dog training over those 34 years, there is still much more to learn. I learn something new with every new dog I own and with every new dog that comes to club. They are all different, they all need different motivational techniques and rewards. It’s not about “one size fits all”, it’s about your relationship with your dog. For me, it’s so rewarding to see the handlers happy with how their dogs are progressing and improving through the classes. Dog training should be enjoyable for both dog and handler and I hope that’s what I put across in the classes”.

Secretary – Jackie 01245 473213
Jackie Jackson 2017Jackie is Secretary of the Club and friendly face you first see when arriving for your class at Great Baddow. Having been with the club for nearly two decades, Jackie first begun her journey by attending obedience classes with her own dog. She soon became heavily involved with the club and became secretary some three years later where she remains in this role still today. Jackie has always been a dog lover and her family have kept dogs since she was a young girl.

Jackie has only ever owned rescue dogs as she enjoys the rewards from turning their lives around. Jackie has experience of teaching at all levels of canine obedience, she has worked tirelessly over the years to help the club become the thriving centre for dog training that it has become today.

Sue Glassfield
Sue Glassfield 2017

Sue’s love of dogs began in 1970 when she took her first dog, a collie cross, to a dog club in Walthamstow. She moved to Essex in 1971 and continued to train at Witham Dog Club where she eventually became a trainer.

Sue joined Great Baddow Dog Club in 1986 to feed her passion for dog obedience and attended both clubs for many years. She has been on numerous courses with Championship obedience handlers, picking up lots of tips on solving problem behaviour. In addition, Sue has stewarded and judged on numerous occasions at Kennel Club obedience shows.

Sue has competed at many obedience shows over the course of 25 years with 6 collies and has won many rosettes and trophies. She currently owns 2 border collies and enjoys training them. ‘Each trainer has their own way of training but I believe that to be successful you need to know what motivates your dog, and that it has to be fun!

Committee – Anna Morrow

Anna grew up with dogs, she came to the Club many years ago with her own dog for training. She is now a dog training instructor for the Club and has gained valuable experience in training canine assistance dogs helping disabled people for Canine Partners.

Anna is now dog walking and training for guide dogs for the blind. We are extremely privileged to have Anna’s knowledge and help with training at all levels.

Committee – Vicky Wilson & Mike Jeffrey

Vicky and Mike joined Great Baddow Dog Training Club with their own dogs They both went on to join the Committee several years ago.

Both Vicky and Mike are valuable trainers and love training the puppies giving so much pleasure and enjoying the rewards achieved with much pleasure. We are extremely privileged to have the assistance and support of both Vicki and Mike in the puppy training classes.

 Phil Knight
Phil Knight 2017

Phil Knight was Chairman of Great Baddow Dog Training Club, a position he held for over 20 years. During this time, he provided leadership and direction to encourage the Club’s growth and to expand the range of training classes and events that it runs throughout the year.

Phil joined the Club in 1987, when he gained his first dog. With no prior knowledge of training dogs, his main aim at the time was to have some fun with his dog, to socialise him and be a responsible owner.

Phil soon found that there was an awful lot to learn and he never looked back. Some 30 years later, in addition to his position as Chairman of GBDTC, he took an active role in training on a weekly basis. Phil particularly enjoyed welcoming new members to the Club and using his knowledge and expertise to help and encourage members to gain the most from their training classes.

Sadly in 2018, Phil passed away suddenly and is deeply missed. He will always be remembered as we will continue with the Club in his honour, as he would wish us to.